New role: Data Analytics Specialist

New role: Data Analytics Specialist

Location: Sri Lanka


Stretchline is planning to bring in a “data driven decisions” practice and build a culture which embraces insights for action. This will be part of the Stretchline 2.0 vision and is a component in the Industry 4.0 alignment. The purpose of opening up a Job Description for this role is to execute this initiative at a Global Scale and be that Evangelist to showcase the value of data for decision making.

The DNA needed

Data Analytics is a mix of business understanding and a deep knowledge of Data Science. Both aspects are equally important and should be deep rooted in the DNA of this profile. The characteristics that are mandatory are as follows

o 5-10 years of ground experience in a large organisation, setting up Data Analytics capabilities

o Hands on experience in data ingestion, cleansing, sorting, processing, arranging which are skills under the umbrella of DATA ENGINEERING

o Hands on experience in data management platforms, data stores, relational databases, star schema/ snowflake schemas and BigData stores

o Deep understanding of “business use case” identification and “requirements engineering” of a business problem to arrive at a “Data” solution

o A passion and hunger to understand the business processes and the people involved in the processes to arrive at the “hidden” root causes of business problems

o Ability to collaborate with the globally spread plant management teams and become the “advisory” for data analytics

o Ability to collaborate with external vendors who will be part and parcel of Data Analytics platform solutions, to develop and maintain a win-win relationship

Qualifications Desired

o Bachelors Science in Engineering (Computer Science Major with focus on mathematics is an added advantage)

o A business/ marketing degree or equivalent diploma in business/ marketing

o Certification in BigData technologies and Data Science

Organisation Chart

This role will directly report to Global CIO. The role will serve in the Global office overseeing the plant level and global level analytics needs and will liaise with the local plant I.T teams closely. Physical work location will be in Sri Lanka, Biyagama zone.

The position should at least be at a Manager level

Role within Stretchline

1. This would be an individual role (IR) with a specialisation on the total value stream around Data transforming into Intelligence. The ability to work with cross functional teams and take up leadership roles in many aspects of the processes and activities needed to make this transformation successful are key tenets of this role.

2. Oversee the implementation of a global Data lake platform. Starting with Requirements Engineering to architecture reviews and selecting the right options for future-proofing Stretchline from an analytics perspective, he/ she needs to curate the Analytics maturity across the Stretchline properties

3. Compiling use cases for analytics with clear business objectives and expectations. Documenting the use cases and creating the business cases for the use cases

4. Articulation of the business benefits (revenue generation, cost reduction, efficiency gains, new business possibilities)

5. Configuring / setting up the platform to implement these use cases collaborating with the selected vendor / partner

6. Use of Machine Learning and AI to bring in predictive analytics for early intervention and creating value to business by unlocking value of data is a key responsibility

7. Coaching and facilitating training for business analytics across the plants