New Role: Digitalisation Specialist

New Role: Digitalisation Specialist

Location: Sri Lanka


The Industry 4.0 adoption and a path towards Industry 4.0 maturity is a key initiative within Stretchline, Globally. While some Stretchline properties have started few projects under Industry 4.0 it is imperative that as a global conglomerate, standardised Industry 4.0 capabilities are brought into every property. The role described here will be the pivotal role to evangelise and execute key Industry 4.0 projects within Stretchline across the plants.

The vast and vague scope of the stream “digitalisation” opens up avenues for creativity and innovative thinking. The current business models may need to be dissected and re-imagined and re-invented using Digital Capabilities – this is the key role of this position. In manufacturing, Digitalisation goes hand-in-glove with Industry 4.0 capabilities. “Digital” for us is the harmonisation of Digital capabilities to Augment and Enrich the Physical and Cognitive capabilities of a human being. This is the thinking we are seeking in this role.

The DNA needed

Industry 4.0 is a process, a roadmap and a set of capabilities a a manufacturing organisation can embrace to elevate to a connected factory environment. The understanding of what Industry 4.0 means as a “revolution” and the key benefits it brings to manufacturing should be deep rooted in the DNA of this profile. The characteristics that are mandatory are as follows

o 5-10 years of ground experience in a large organisation, setting up Industry 4.0 capabilities and/ or experience in a consulting/ solutions role in Industry 4.0

o Hands on experience in IoT, Autonomation and Smart Machinery and a detailed understanding of the key aspects of a production system

o Experience / expertise in operational KPIs in a manufacturing entity and the appreciation to bring in lead indicators as a stepping stone for an “early intervention” landscape

o Mid level understanding of mechanical, electrical and electronics aspects of machinery and also some level of understanding of the cyber-machine harmony

o Experience and understanding in control systems, electrical circuit boards and IoT protocols

o A passion and hunger to understand the business processes and the people involved in the processes to arrive at solutions under the Industry 4.0 umbrella to create business value

o Ability to collaborate with the globally spread plant management teams and become the “advisory” for Industry 4.0 adoption

o Ability to collaborate with external vendors who will be part and parcel of Industry 4.0 solutions, to develop and maintain a win-win relationship.

Qualifications desired

o Bachelors Science in Engineering (Mechanical / electrical engineering Major with focus on mathematics is an added advantage)

o A business/ marketing degree or equivalent diploma in business/ marketing

o 4-5 years experience in a Industry 4.0 project implementation and/ or solutions consulting expertise

Organisation Chart

This role will directly report to Global CIO. The role will serve in the Global office overseeing the plant level and global level Industry 4.0 needs and will liaise with the local plant I.T teams closely. Physical work location will be in Sri Lanka, Biyagama zone.

The position should at least be at a Manager level

Role within Stretchline

1. Start with where we are on Industry 4.0 across the plants and curate the next steps in standardisation and towards a higher maturity on Industry 4.0 adoption

2. Understand the manufacturing value stream and to map out what Digital and Industry 4.0 can bring in to achieve the Stretchline vision for the next 2-5 years globally. Re-imagining of the current processes from a Digital / Industry 4.0 lens to re-invent future capabilities.

3. Compiling use cases for Industry 4.0 with clear business objectives and expectations. Documenting the use cases and creating the business cases for the use cases

4. Articulation of the business benefits (revenue generation, cost reduction, efficiency gains, new business possibilities)

5. Configuring / setting up the required solutions to implement these use cases collaborating with the selected vendor / partner