A year at Stretchline with Design Intern: Tierney Stoneman

A year at Stretchline with Design Intern: Tierney Stoneman

A year ago, we welcomed Tierney to the Stretchline family as part of our in-house internship programme. We’re passionate about supporting young talent, and Tierney is a talented student we met through our long-standing relationship with De Montfort University.

Tierney spent a year with us, honing her skills and gaining first-hand knowledge about the industry. But before Tierney’s time with us ended, we sat down with her to discuss her year with us.

What have you learned during your year at Stretchline?

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about elastics. However, that’s not all. Working for a supplier has given me great insight into the industry. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the end-to-end manufacturing process first-hand. The process has been truly eye-opening, from design concept to production to presenting the final product to the customer. I’ve loved every opportunity I’ve been given.

How has your role evolved in the past year?

Stretchline allowed me to explore different aspects of my role and seek out what interests me. Taking on more daily tasks and roles within these areas allowed me to further develop my experience and expertise in the areas I was most interested in. In time, I could work more independently on tasks such as trend research, competitor shopping, 3D digital design, social media, and sales and marketing.

During your internship, what was the most valuable lesson you learned?

Stretchline helped me discover what part of the industry I’d like to enter after my final year of studies. Since my internship, I have discovered a passion for parts of my job that I wasn’t aware existed, which I will focus on when I return to university. I have also learned much about my design style and working methods, which will be very helpful when I begin looking for my first job after graduation.

How do you see your role developing in the future?

I have learned a lot about elastics and the small details that go into garments. With this knowledge, in the future, I can help develop and design products for the better. Following my experience working with a specific component, I would like to move on to designing the whole garment. As well as learning about innovations, I’ve loved the product side of my job at Stretchline. Therefore, it would be ideal for me to combine working on products and design in a future role.

What is your advice for fellow students that want to join the Stretchline internship programme?

A year may seem long, but it goes by quickly, so take advantage of all the opportunities Stretchline offers. A year in the industry is only a short time, so make the most of it! Try shadowing as many job roles as possible and absorb as much information as possible because this is a great way to discover what you enjoy and are most interested in. After your internship, you can use this information to plan your final year of study and the career path you want to take.

Is Tierney’s experience exactly what you’re looking for? Then, apply to intern with Stretchline by sending an email to sophie.beet@stretchline.com.

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