No Wire,
Superior Support

No Wire,

Ultra Comfort
Support System

ArcaForm is a patented ultra-comfort fabric support system for use in bras. This game-changing technology eliminates the use of both the metal and plastic wires to give a far superior and softer fit to the body, whilst still supporting the bust in the most comfortable way possible.

Expertly Designed

ArcaForm has been designed and tested by technical experts within the intimate apparel industry in order to make it one of the most comfortable fits whilst still maintaining great support. This new breast support system is available in different sizes to cover the wide range of the standard cups currently on the market.

    Consumer Benefits

  • No metal wires against the body, totally eliminating wire breakthrough
  • Provides fantastic support but without a metal wire, for the most comfortable feeling possible
  • The system moves with your body making it more comfortable
  • The bra can be worn for longer periods of time whilst maintaining lasting comfort

    Retail Benefits

  • ArcaForm can be shaped into multiple cup sizes and shapes during moulding
  • Eliminates the need for metal wires (one less range of components) thus reducing stockholding levels and the transportation associated with it
  • Removes the production process of inserting the metal wire into a bra cup
  • Improves the quality and comfort of the garment
  • Totally eliminates garment returns for wire breakthrough