Longer Lasting Products
for the Modern Consumer

Longer Lasting Products For The Modern Consumer



LockSafe is a unique technology that preserves and enhances the functionality of a knitted elastic. The technology works by locking the individual yarns of a knitted elastic together. This prevents the elastic from unravelling when snagged and stops the elastomeric from running back.

Garment Lifespan

Over 200 million garments with LockSafe elastic are sold worldwide each year. Evidence from retailers has shown LockSafe can offer a longer product lifespan. Garment returns have been substantially reduced by mitigating sewing line faults such as bar tacking and back latching.


    Consumer Benefits

  • No fraying and no unravelling of elastic
  • Facilitating a longer product lifespan, LockSafe can provide greater value for money due to the durability of the garment
  • Comfort can be increased due to the need of a less bulky seam

    Retail Benefits

  • UK retailers and brands have seen garment returns due to faulty elastics fall by over 99% when using LockSafe
  • Due to its versatile composition, LockSafe allows for design flexibility allowing on trend, longer lasting products to be delivered to consumers
  • Bar tacking and back latching can be eliminated from LockSafe garments, creating a reduction in sewing time and costs
  • LockSafe elastics can be flat stitched onto seams, which can reduce the risk of elastic damage, bulkiness and also improve the overall look of the garment
  • Research suggests that using LockSafe elastics can reduce production time by up to 10% for briefs