The Ultimate Innovation
In Stretch Technology

The Ultimate Innovation In
Stretch Technology

Ultimate In Comfort

The power of a Fit-J elastic lies in its ability to provide a consistent modulus at a higher range of stretch compared with a typical elastic. Fit-J offers a more comfortable and supportive tailored fit.

and Function

Constructed with revolutionary polyurethane elastomeric yarns and functioning with a flatter, more stable power curve, Fit-J elastics bolster garments with a ‘tailored off the rack’ fit by adapting to different sizes.

    Consumer Benefits

  • Offering more comfort as the stretch of the elastic reacts to body temperature and adjusts to changing shape and size
  • Reducing discomfort caused by accessories and hardware on straps and waistbands
  • More sustainable than typical elastics, Fit-J can be recycled and reused in other products

    Retail Benefits

  • Garment sizing can be made simpler as Fit-J accommodates multiple size ranges
  • Simplified production as Fit-J eliminates additional accessories for specific garments (e.g. rings and sliders on bra straps)
  • Highly sustainable – Fit-J is open loop recyclable and can be made with recycled material
  • With a thinner structural architecture, Fit-J can make the end fabric thinner than if it was made with conventional elastomeric