Pushing Garments
To Their Limits

Pushing Garments
To Their Limits

In The Everyday

Stay4Sure is a patented silicone coating technology that can be applied to both broad or narrow fabrics. Unlike conventional silicones Stay4Sure is not reliant on any chemical fixation or indeed compression to keep the garment in place. Simply put, this unique silicone coating gently adheres to the skin for a greater level of comfort.


Making Way
For Performance

The Stay4Sure technology has helped athletes reach new levels of speed and endurance for many years now. Worn by the likes of the multiple gold medal winning British cycling team and breaking numerous world records in the pool at the Beijing Olympics, Stay4Sure continues to be an integral component of a successful Olympians kit.

    Consumer Benefits

  • Secures the garment in place, building confidence in the product
  • Gentle on the skin with improved comfort as movement is not restricted
  • Increased breathability as it does not exert excessive pressure on the body or obstruct circulation
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved
  • Machine wash compatible

    Retail Benefits

  • Stay4Sure lasts beyond 50 machine washes, which can reduce garment returns
  • Potentially reduced production costs as Stay4Sure technology can be applied directly using a robotic coating system
  • Engineered to adapt to the natural movement of the body, giving greater design flexibility without compromising the performance of the garment