Our Story

Paving the Way
for Innovation

Paving the
Way for Innovation

For decades, Stretchline has been pioneering new ways of working with the apparel industry. With manufacturing in both Eastern and Western hemisphere’s, being close to the garment makers ‘needle point’ benefits not only our speed to market but also our carbon footprint.


Over 150 years
of Experience

From our origins as a world-class manufacturer of intimate apparel elastic, our commitment and passion to innovate has enabled us to diversify our product portfolio. You can now find our products in automobiles, medical applications, footwear, wearable technologies, outerwear, activewear and swimwear.

Powering Research
and Innovation

Stretchline fundamentally believe in nurturing talent, inspiring excellence and sustaining a hardworking but rewarding family culture. Our ethos of partnerships means we can adapt to whatever our clients require. From the home gym to the Olympics, our innovations make it possible for everyday garments to function to the highest levels of modern consumer demands.

We’re Committed
to a Cleaner Planet

Our commitment to sustainability sits at the very core of Stretchline’s being. We believe in investing in safe and supportive environments for our employees, their local communities and the territories in which we all live.

Working towards
a more Ethical

We don’t just talk-the-talk, we work hard to put our principles into real and tangible action. It is through this shared vision that Stretchline is able to implement impactful social and environmental changes.

  • Stretchline produces enough narrow fabric in a year to wrap around the world 30 times over – a total of around 1.2 billion meters of elastic per year!
  • The largest and only branded narrow elastic fabric manufacturer servicing customers around the world
  • We support leading global high street brands with a presence in 7 countries spanning 3 continents
  • We run dynamic research and innovation centres globally so that our innovation never sleeps!
  • Proud employers of over 4500 extraordinary and skilled members of staff globally
  • Industry leaders in corporate social responsibility and the environmental sustainability movements

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