Performance Edge

Performance Edge



BondeLast is the premium choice in elastic adhesive applications. It has a stronger bond than conventional sewing and can reduce unwanted bulky seams. Specialist machinery enables the timed and controlled application of heat and pressure to create critical components for performance-enhancing garments.


BondeLast technology has allowed sporting professionals to reach new levels of speed and endurance for many years now. The 13 gold medal winning British Cycling Team, Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall and the 91 world records broken in the swimming pool between 2008 & 2010 all have one thing in common – BondeLast.


    Consumer Benefits

  • Flatter, non-stitched, non-bulky seams can make garments more comfortable to wear
  • Users can experience reduced skin irritation due to the elimination of sewing tracks rubbing against the skin
  • BondeLast offers a vastly improved look through flatter, smoother lines enhancing the finish of the garment
  • Additional benefits can include enhanced comfort through lightweight yet strong bonding at the seams and joints
  • BondeLast can provide better flexibility as the garment moves with the body without the restriction of sewn seams

    Retail Benefits

  • BondeLast provides a strong bond between two garment components
  • BondeLast garments provide elasticity and support whilst eliminating stitching and bulky seams
  • Extremely mouldable, with excellent stretch, recovery and shape retention
  • Correctly constructed BondeLast Garments have proven to be resistant to everyday washing processes, chemicals and temperatures of up to 50°C
  • Stretchline’s global technical team work closely with our customers to engineer world beating product solutions using BondeLast technology