Longer Lasting

Longer Lasting

Reduced Wire

Fortitube is ‘the’ puncture resistant bra wire casing system. This exclusive narrow fabric has been uniquely engineered with fusible yarns, creating a penetration resistant barrier which helps to stop bra wire’s from popping out.

A Softer, More
Durable Experience

Over 300 million garments are sold worldwide each year using Fortitube. Due to it’s added durability bra’s produced with Fortitube can be made to be machine washable and longer lasting. We offer a wide range of styles including recycled yarns which are more environmentally friendly, to fine nylon yarns for a softer more comfortable feel on the skin.

    Consumer Benefits

  • Fortitube virtually eliminates the chance of wire breakthrough, ensuring increased confidence in the durability of the product
  • Fortitube can make the garment more comfortable against the skin when paired with our softer range of yarns
  • If constructed with other suitable components, bra’s made with Fortitube are both machine washable and can be tumble-dried
  • A potentially longer garment lifespan means bra’s made with Fortitube can offer better value for money

    Retail Benefits

  • Reduces garment returns due to wire poke through. Specified to be puncture resistant to a tested minimum of 24 kg
  • The Fortitube application systems and training manual help prevent faulty garment construction and improves manufacturing repeatability. This in turn substantially reduces the chance of wire loss
  • The ‘All-in-one’ Fortitube range has proven to increase productivity by up to 30% for some manufacturers
  • Improved cost effectiveness as a result of less wastage at application stage
  • Low shrinkage during wash cycles means Fortitube can be machine washable
  • Fortitube wire casing is supported by 3 unique application systems; Original, All-in-one and American