Driving Innovation in the Menswear Industry

Driving Innovation in the Menswear Industry

At Stretchline, we continuously strive to incorporate new and innovative approaches to our ranges. Our latest menswear catalogue showcases a variety of technologies – from a multitude of dyeing techniques to silicone printing. We like to set our goals high and love the thrill of a challenge – our menswear range sets out to achieve three big things.

Showcase the diverse range of Mens’ Products

With our capacity and technical knowledge, we have the ability to excel in the menswear category. Our aim is to showcase the diverse range of male focused products that we can offer, alongside our other lingerie and activewear ranges. We have created a selection of products that are comfortable as well as stylish, as always, with exceptional attention to detail.

Utilise Innovative Technologies

Hand Feel, Surface Design and Colour have been our focus for this range and the technology used reflects this. From ombre and polychrome dyeing, to plasma and silicone printing, we’ve used as many techniques as possible to achieve eye catching, durable and comfortable results. Not only have we delivered stylish products but we’ve done so with sustainability at the forefront of our minds. By opting for polychrome dyeing, which is a sustainable process, we have been able to cut down over-dyeing and react to market changes without the need for waste.

Become Industry Leaders

Lastly, our longer term goals include recognition as industry leaders. Our colleagues across the globe are made up of experts who have exceptional technical knowledge and the capacity to produce sustainable, innovative products that can be used in all apparels. By continuously producing new ranges and catalogues we aim to show our versatility and appetite for advanced learnings and technologies.

We’ll continue to produce forward thinking, fresh product ranges – stay tuned for more!

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