Five Ways Stay4Sure Makes Things Better

Five Ways Stay4Sure Makes Things Better

Stay4Sure is Stretchline’s patented silicone coating technology, that can be applied to both broad or narrow fabrics to help clothing to stay in place. Used in everything from lingerie to Olympic kits, our unique technology gently adheres to the skin for a greater level of comfort, preventing slips and ensuring a good fit.
But that’s not the only clever detail Stay4Sure has – from comfort to easy washing, here are five ways that Stay4Sure improves your clothing from the inside out…

1. Secure Fit

We’ve mentioned it once, and we’ll mention it again – we created Stay4Sure to keep clothing in place. Its unique silicone technology adheres to skin gently but securely, so that you can be confident there’ll be no slips. Don’t believe us? Just ask some of the toughest critics out there.
It was used in the shorts of the multi-gold medal winning British cycling team during the 2008 Olympics, and helped break numerous records in the pool during the 2008 Beijing Olympics featuring on the LZR racer suite.

2. Gentle on Skin

Unlike most innovations to keep clothing secure, Stretchline’s Stay4Sure silicone is both hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved. This means it remains secure and keeps clothing in place with no residue and without irritating skin.
As a result, when it’s not breaking records or helping athletes bring home gold, it’s often used in socks for children. The unique technology means that even the most sensitive skin can wear them all day – and even the most adventurous of explorers can look smart for longer.

3. Machine Washable

Despite its gentle nature on skin, Stay4Sure is as durable as they come. Its coating lasts well beyond 50 machine wash cycles, meaning that your clothes last far longer than alternative trims.
It’s no surprise then that premier league footballers use our technology in some of the most competitive matches – Stay4Sure technology is used in PremGripp socks which are used at home games, away games and all the practices in between.

4. Free Movement

While its grip is strong, Stay4Sure doesn’t restrict activity. The technology is designed to follow the natural movements of the body – allowing for a greater range of motion, whether you’re facing a championship battle or the perils of every day work.

5. Unparalleled Comfort

Because Stay4Sure silicone trims move with your body, they offer more breathability. They also don’t apply excessive pressure or limit circulation, making them a comfortable addition to anything from performance wear to hosiery.

Considering using Stay4Sure in your own innovations? Find out more about the technology or get in contact today.

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