No Straight Line: Anthony Colley

No Straight Line: Anthony Colley

At Stretchline, we’re proud to be a global family that spans the globe. We all have different backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets. And that’s what makes our team work together so well.

No one progresses in a straight line, and those who have the added twists and turns bring their own unique perspective. In our new series, No Straight Line, we explore the different career paths our team members have taken.

We’re kicking off our series with Anthony Colley. He began by helping his grandfather clean machinery when he was 15 years old. He is now 42, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of our western hemisphere, and Chief Manufacturing Officer (CMO) of our global organisation.

We asked him how he got to where he is today and what advice he would give to others.

What was your original career plan?

My first job was cleaning machinery for my grandfather when I was 15. That led to my apprenticeship and the start of my career.

I started with Stretchline when I was 26 on a one-year contract as a Technical Manager in the weaving department in Mexico. At this age, one year felt like a lifetime, but it went by like a flash.

In 2008, Stretchline offered me a job in China. Initially, I was there to support production, but soon my role changed to Commercial Manager in 2009. This is where I learned all about customers, planning, and procurement.

In 2010, I returned to Mexico to work as a General Manager, and since then, my management and leadership duties have grown considerably.

What role do you currently do?

I’m the Regional COO for the Americas, as well as CMO on the global board.

How does your role differ from what you set out to do?

It is VERY different! From cleaning machines to my apprenticeship to eventually leading an entire hemisphere, it’s day and night! Even after joining Stretchline in 2006, my roles have varied; I’ve built up a lot of experience I still draw from today.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be patient and focus on your career. Stick to what you want and develop your skills – it’ll pay off in the end! From my teens to now, I would never have expected where I am today.

Take risks and try new things. You will emerge from roles you don’t fully understand more resilient and with a fountain of new knowledge, skills, and with a deeper understanding you can leverage in your career.

What advice would you give to your future self?

Make more short and long-term goals. But don’t just set goals; come up with a plan on how to achieve them. Keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve – nothing is impossible!

The twists and turns in Anthony’s career path make him such a great asset to us. His first-hand experience on the manufacturing side and a stint in the commercial team have now provided him with the tools to bring operational excellence to our organisation.

Did you find Anthony’s piece interesting? Watch this space for more in-depth looks into the not-so-straight lines taken by our Stretchline family.

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