Sustainability Week Day 2 – Water Consumption

Sustainability Week Day 2 – Water Consumption

Taking Care Of Our Water

This planet offers so many natural wonders, from the Amazon rain forest to the Sahara Desert, but some of the most spectacular places on earth are hidden in the sea! From the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the Apo Reef in the Philippines, the seas & oceans are home to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

With 71% of the planet being covered with water, it is vitally important that we take care of what we do and what we put into water as it can affect the world dramatically. The last few months whilst we have been in lockdown, we have seen an amazing effect the reduction in water pollution has had on habitats around the world. For example, the rivers in Venice have become cleaner, with fish and jelly fish returning to the water which is once again clear enough to see them on the surface. What’s more, 150,000 Flamingos were spotted in Mumbai in India – the largest number in years.

All of this highlights the effect that our industries and manufacturing habits have on this earth and showcase how important it is that we change. Over the last few years, Stretchline has worked hard to adapt and improve how we create products, leading us to take measures such as using state of the art digital colour matching tools and reducing both energy and water usage whilst maximising our ‘right first time’ colour matching accuracy. With online measurements of dye bath exhaustion, our dye house water consumption has reduced substantially since 2015. We also work with Bluesign approved suppliers who share the same values in sustainable manufacturing practices that we do. We also have a unique range of plant-based natural dyes which substantially reduce the impact on the environment. For us, this is only the start and we are always looking to improve our water consumption as well as the impact we have on water sources.

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