Sustainability Week Day 3 – Sustainable Yarns

Sustainability Week Day 3 – Sustainable Yarns

Sustainable Yarns For Sustainable Products

With over 7 billion people on the planet we share our natural resources on a mass level what we do effects not only us but also our communities locally and globally. Our water sources our air and our light source are all effected by what we put into the environment and the atmosphere.

Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. If all this waste was put on lorries, they would go around the world 24 times! This stunning amount of waste is partly because 99 percent of the items we buy are thrown away within 6 months. This is a scary thought but is also very relevant to the fashion industry we understand that we must play a part in making products available which are more environmentally friendly.

This has led us to create our own sustainable ranges. We now offer our customers a range of sustainable options. We have recycled elastic yarns which are made of either recycled polyester or recycled nylon these are yarns which are used in place of standard yarns and are made of recycled materials. We can use these on any elastic and change any of our standard designs to a recycled version upon customer request. We also have Bio based and biodegradable yarns which we have been tested and proved to degrade quicker than standard elastics, again we can adapt our standard qualities to use biodegradable yarns upon customer request. We also offer the only elastic which is recyclable!! This is our brand Fit-J which is the only elastane which is recyclable. We encourage customer where we can to use this as it can be recycled and melted down and used again in a separate industry (open loop recycled product). All of our sustainable yarns are to the GRS standard and make sure they all preform how they should.

We are working hard to promote our sustainable ranges and we know it is important to keep pushing these products to the Highstreet. Stretchline Is dedicated to improving our wastage not only internally but also externally.

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