Sustainability Week Day 4 – Solar Energy

Sustainability Week Day 4 – Solar Energy

Lighting up Stretchline Sustainably

Over the last the few months, we have seen lots of changes in our environment due to reduced pollution. One of the most remarkable changes that we have noticed is the drop in the levels of smog, which covers some of the world’s busiest cities. Across the globe, some of the biggest cities in the world have seen massive environmental improvements from Bangkok to Sau Paulo and Beijing to Delhi.

Seeing this change in the world’s atmosphere is inspiring, as it really shows the difference that we can make. Stretchline is working hard to incorporate new ways to produce the energy that is needed to fuel our production. We are currently fitting solar powered panels across all our sites; these panels generate the energy we need to manufacture and they completely remove the output of greenhouse gases. Another advantage of reduced pollution is the reduction of smog in our atmosphere; solar panels become more efficient and produce more power as the suns light energy (Photons) follows a clearer path when hitting the panels, meaning that more energy is created. Solar panels are just one of ways that we are trying to improve our carbon footprint. We have also worked on our water consumption and eliminated coal from all our sites globally. You can read more on our water consumption and coal elimination on our previous blogs posts.

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