Medical Face Mask Innovation – from Panties to PPE

Medical Face Mask Innovation – from Panties to PPE

Fit-J The Innovation Breaking Into Medical

The last few weeks has highlighted the importance of our health workers from around the world. Every day at the moment, they are risking their own health by helping those who need it most. That’s why it’s so upsetting to see our health workers from around the world, share images of their bruised and marked faces after hours of prolonged protective mask use.

This got us to thinking – can we do something about this?

These harrowing images have inspired us to adapt our Fit-J technical innovation so it can be applied to Medical PPE. The Fit-J innovation was originally developed at Stretchline in order to provide great for comfort and support for lingerie and activewear garments. Fit-J elastics can be stretched with less of the ‘pull back’ feeling, consequently easing the feeling of tension or tightness on the body. It has already been a huge success in both the lingerie and activewear garments and now we can see its potential value in medical PPE.

Applying Fit-J elastics to facemasks could help in reducing the risk of compression marks and bruising as it allows the wearer to have the support needed, but reduces the tension and tightness around the face and head. We believe this will really improve the comfort of the PPE given to health workers and potentially offer the wearer greater comfort for longer periods of time. Additionally the Fit-J elastics contains the only recyclable elastane available in the marketplace to date.

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