Rainbows give hope amid Coronavirus lockdown

Rainbows give hope amid Coronavirus lockdown

Chase The Rainbow

You may have noticed that across the world, rainbows have been appearing in people’s windows. These drawings are to spread hope and positivity to passers-by amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is believed the trend started in Italy and is now popular in other countries including the US, Spain and the UK.

Rainbows typically appear after a heavy rainfall, symbolising that we will pass through this dark period.
People are using the hashtag #chasetherainbow to share some of the many rainbows they have spotted whilst out walking. There has been a lot of creative and beautiful drawings bringing positivity and hope…plus, it’s providing an activity for the kids to participate in and share with friends.

If you haven’t already done a drawing of a rainbow, we have our own print-out versions done by our design team for you to colour in! 😊
Spread joy and put a rainbow in your window 😊

Until Next Time Stay Safe

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